Formerly Northern Rhodesia, Zambia was part of an economic federation under British control including Malawi, formerly Nyasaland itself and then Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe today).

Zambia, unlike Zimbabwe was never really developed under British rule. Access, disease, poverty of this land did not really attracted settlers. Only the "Copper Belt", rich copper deposits on the border between Congo and Zambia, attracted some capital. Remember the showdown between Leopold II, King of the Belgians and the British crown about the border so controversial and so rich ... Independent since October 1964, the country sank into chaos. Politically stable in recent years, the country is trying to recover painfully.

Small and large enterprises are once again welcomed with open arms. Indeed, the country has a huge potential for tourism (lakes, national parks, mountains, rivers, stories, etc.), that few people realize. Zambia is here to be discovered by those looking for a change of scenery, a deep and true Africa, without lies. Trips tend to be based on the discovery of the bush and not specifically on wildlife, rarer, although different from that we can see for example in Zimbabwe. Walking and canoeing are traveling themes to promote in this country full of promise for the future.


Kafue National Park

KafueThe oldest and largest park in Zambia. There are many safari camps in and around the park, and there is an abundance of wildlife and the Kafue has been very unexplored and untouched.

South Luangwa National Park

SouthLuangwaKnown as one of the wildlife sanctuaries of the world. South Luangwa has many luxury safari lodges and there is a wide variety of wildlife.

North Luangwa National Park

NorthLuangwaVery similar to the South Luangwa park but is less populated. Beautiful landscapes and the animals are plentiful. North Luangwa is very popular for walking safaris.

Lower Zambezi National Park

LowerZambeziLocated opposite the world renowned Mana Pools, this area is a wildlife heritage area. Will all the game located in the valley it is a great place to see elephants in particular with herds getting up to 100. There are a few lodges in the area but less than the other parks.

Bangweulu Wetlands

BangweuluWetlandsOne of Africa’s greatest wetland areas. Abundant in wildlife and home to the prehistoric looking bird the Shoebill.

Liuwa Plains

LiuwaPlainsLocated in the very west of the country is Liuwa Plains, a very remote park. Known for its vast savannahs, the animals are abundant but you will have to drive a while to find them in the vast plains.



The vibrant city in Zambia at Victoria Falls. Much the same as the Zimbabwean side, Livingstone is a tourist centre!  Livingstone got its name from David Livingstone.  With a wide variety of accommodation and activities tourists and locals flood to the falls for an amazing holiday and of course to see one of the 7 natural wonders of the world!

Mawimbi Bush Camp

2010 Canoes on Kafue RiverA luxury tented camp in the Kafue National Park.
The main activity offered is canoeing through an amazing variety of habitats and breathtaking scenery – sometimes fast and exciting and sometimes lazy and leisurely.  Wilderness game walks in the Kafue National Park are organized every morning and afternoon for those not wishing to brave the canoeing and are a must for all lovers of the African bush. Of course, there is a huge variety of bird life that awaits exploring as well as fishing for many different species of fish by lure or fly.

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Southern Africa whispers to you of trips where dreams come true. Where you feel the shiver of the African bush, its desert, the mountains and its rivers, not forgetting the Southern African night sky whilst listening to the legends from the beginning of the world.

Yes, we can give you these changes of scenery as Sikiliza is a tour operator founded and established in Southern Africa, by us who love this continent.

We were born here, and we live here, and as our forefathers always taught us, this is ourland.

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